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Almost all your customers have a smartphone. Also, more and more websites are becoming mobile-friendly.
With an app you can add just a little more extras, which are not possible with a website. For example, think of push notifications, where the user receives a message in his screen with the latest news from your company. It is these extras that make an app very interesting. When developing an app, the costs do not have to be so high. Webvantage offers you an affordable solution.

An app is physically present on a smartphone or tablet, so you don’t have to search for a URL through your browser. An app therefore presents itself much better than a normal shortcut to a website on your mobile device.

A ComScore(link) study recently confirmed that 82% of “mobile media minutes” are spent using apps rather than a browser.

There are plenty of examples of small businesses like pizza parlors, coffee houses, travel agencies and the like that have moved away from their competition thanks to the development of an app to promote their services.

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